When it comes to RVing on the open road, wouldn't you like to open your windows and smell the great outdoors? If you smell pesky odors coming from your RV, you have a problem and we can fix that !

Happy Campers odorless protecting tank remedy is an organic system that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, with no formaldehyde. It is secure and easy to use. It is a completely price-effective treatment.

Happy Campers Treatments
Each Scoop will TREAT 40 GALLONS!

18 Treatments

40 Treatments

64 Treatments

130 Treatments

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
We always provide odorless solution for you.

Eliminates Odors

Totally eliminate odor in RV’s and Marine holding tanks, by using 100% organic product, ensure comfort, ease, and confidence to your next camping or boating experience

Removes Waste

Safe blend of concentrated minerals and micro nutrients that are good for septic tanks.

Environmentally Friendly

We love our environment and we want Happy Campers. This unique blend is biodegradable, use absolutely no formaldehyde and digests waste as well as most household tissue.

Happy Campers

Our clients are relaxed and happy. Like to drive with the window open for a change.

Works in all temperatures

Our product is designed to work in intense climates over 100 degrees and ultimately longer than any aggressive product available on the market.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Happy Campers are the easiest and most cost effective holding tank treatment products on the market.

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